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The fuel for the furnace may be natural gas, propane or fuel oil.  There is basically no operational or efficiency difference between a gas furnace and a propane furnace.  Oil furnaces are usually less efficient, not because they do not make high efficiency oil furnaces but because most of these furnaces are older, less efficient models.  (An important note about propane furnaces: make certain that you do not let the fuel level get so low that the furnace sucks in the impurities from the bottom of the tank.  If you let the tank get so low that the furnace cannot light then you will have to purge the air from the line.  Similarly, if you ever open your natural gas line you will end up with air in the line.  This will prevent the furnace from firing until it is purged.)  Some people simply have what they call an electric furnace, which is a blower with electric resistance coils.  This is an oversized version of a space heater and the least efficient form of heat.  There are, of course, several other types of heating systems such as boilers, ceiling cable heat, and potable hot water coils.

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