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Sick building syndrome emerged in the 80’s when office buildings were constructed with sealed windows and germs migrated through-out the building because there was no fresh air. Now we are constructing homes that are so completely sealed to the outside that the indoor air becomes polluted. Even if you are not dealing with polluted air, per se, there is frequently stale air in these sealed homes, and, there is the issue of exhausting interior air without having a controlled fresh air intake system. A fresh air intake can be as basic as a pipe through the wall connected to the return air duct side, but problems arise because you are constantly bringing in unconditioned air (hot, cold or humid air) and having to constantly condition it which will significantly reduce the efficiency of your system. Using a fresh air intake system enables you to control the inflow of outside air and to pre-condition the air. These systems are, however, somewhat expensive.

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This ventilation control system offered by Aprilaire offers an affordable option for fresh air intake. Though it does not condition the fresh air intake it does include temperature and humidity controls to stop ventilation at extremely hot or cold temperatures, and, to prevent humidity from exceeding 60%.

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The Aprilaire energy recovery ventilator makes use of your home’s existing duct system to distribute fresh air throughout your home. The system uses a transfer core to pre-condition the incoming fresh air, thus reducing system and operating costs.

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